Doing Family – Hudak and Giammatei

Hudak and Giammatei’s “Doing Family” effectively points out how the terms “marriage” and “family” are still linked to the traditional view of heterosexuality despite significant societal changes. This related to me as well, because even while I am from this generation of change and greater openness to self-expression, I do not feel the need to clarify that a relationship is heterosexual as much as I do when referring to non-heterosexual individuals or relationships. However, Hudak and Giammatei argue that the tendency to take heterosexuality for granted places heterosexuality in a position of dominance and superiority to homosexuality. Also, they assert that because of this bias, homosexual relationships and families have to be labeled accordingly because otherwise they are invisible in the eyes of the dominant heterosexual community.

While I admit that I take heterosexuality to be more common than other types of relationships, which may explain why I do not necessarily clarify that a relationship is heterosexual, I do not remove the possibility of non-heterosexual relationships when talking about couples or families, and am aware that many people today enjoy non-heterosexual relationships. In that sense, there is a level of awareness and non-invisibility that comes with living in an age where sexuality is accepted as a form of self-expression and freedom. Heterosexuals may be the demographically larger group, but I do not think that heterosexuals automatically convert that into feelings of superiority and self-importance. However, I see the importance of increasing awareness about such dangers and acknowledge that certain groups like the Westboro Baptists demonstrate excessive aggression towards non-heterosexuals. Society has come a long way in terms of equality and tolerance, but it still has room for improvement.


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