a memory

I was gonna write about someone but I found that you have WordPress! John, first off, congrats for everything that’s happened since you’ve left FG. I know, seems like ages ago. It was. I wish I had expressed to you more how much of a role model you were for me back then. I really looked up to you growing up and I’m so glad that your family’s growing and becoming a more solid foundation for you. I have no doubt that you and Bo, the woman you asked to spend a precious lifetime together, are and will continue to be great parents. I hope that raising Ezri will teach you guys more amazing things about love at its finest every day. I was actually looking for my hyungisfat blog to see what crazy things I used to write, but it disappeared, as did your old blog. If you do get to see this, just know that I learned a lot from you back then, and still do. Don’t worry, I know you’re not perfect, but you were a good role model. Stay well, man.


2 thoughts on “a memory

  1. sarah! your words are too kind. 🙂 i frequently reflect on how our roads crossed, and remain quite thankful to have met you.

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