speak. thunder. roar. send.

I’ve been reading my old blog posts, and to call them passionate is an understatement. I remember school and everything back then to be repetitive and boring, but the entries are so emotional it’s weird. Was I that sensitive, or did I just care more, have higher idealistic visions? I feel like I’ve been both disillusioned and empowered by the challenges I’ve faced, but now I’m suddenly reevaluating whether the things I’ve given up to be who I am now is worth fighting to restore.

Other posts were more relatable, such as feeling like the present isn’t something to take lightly. Back then I had felt outdated reading elementary school diary entries labeled October 4, 1999 but now I read the blog posts dated 2009 and laugh at my old self. It still feels like the present rushed by, though, with nothing to show for it but a few diary entries and an incomplete memory. But it puts into perspective just how precious the present is, and that’s to something to carry around. Angela, I wish you luck on focusing on the present and learning to let go. Get a good rest, find your health, and push through. See you in the fall!


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