craving to read

I haven’t been able to read in so long! I’ve been meaning to read this book about the sibling effect that I borrowed from a friend, but I haven’t read a single page. This semester is definitely more taxing than previous ones, and I hope I don’t lose sight of what this time really means. I don’t want my time spent in college to be a box on a checklist or time spent worrying about doing things the right way and at the right pace. I just hope that I could enjoy my struggles, or at least cultivate the skill to enjoy them. Because as much as I feel swamped and overwhelmed by the things I’ve taken up, I’m rewarded by them all. I’m gaining work experience, consistently meeting new people, stress-singing, and getting to work with children and attend concerts for free. And while I struggle in Probability and Analysis, I’m definitely learning, and it blows my mind when I do understand. I’m never bored in those classes for sure. But I can use some wisdom in knowing when to cut back and in finding ways to enjoy struggle.


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